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From the very first encounter with Bayway Dental, I have been treated with dignity and respect. Dr. David Sherberg is absolutely one of the best dentists that I have had caring for me. His professional expertise is outstanding. Dr. Sherberg uses advanced technology known as 3D imagining that is extremely helpful in developing a 'doable' plan to resolve whatever dental issue a patient may present with.

As a "snowbird" I feel fortunate and I am grateful to have Dr. Sherberg right here in St. Petersburg, Florida. He is an exceptional professional who spend whatever time is necessary proposing alternatives to improve or maintain one's dental health. Strange as it may sound but I have to say that I do look forward seeing Dr. Sherberg and his team with each visit.

- Jane B

I started young with bad teeth and no matter how often I went, did everything I was told to do, nothing worked. It just seemed like I had one problem after the other. Then I got to a point where I didn’t go. And unfortunately they really got bad...

When I went to get a part time job, you know, they look at you and appearance is a lot. I never smiled, I always looked like I was frowning, never had a picture taken. When I saw Bayway’s flyer, I came in, talked to them, found out what needed to be done, and told them they can’t do anything without sedation.

I now laugh and smile all the time... I am proud of my teeth and they’ve done a great job. There isn’t anything I can’t eat. I don’t think there is another dentist in the world like this one here, at least as far as I am concerned.

- Dorothy

My name is Will and I’ve been a patient of Dr. Sherberg’s for 5 years now. Finding a dentist that you like, it’s a very personal thing and Dr. Sherberg was just perfect for me. He was kind, he was gentle. No pain and I wouldn’t go to anybody else quite frankly.

My dental situation had deteriorated. I had some teeth chip. I had crowns and root canals that had gone bad and so my mouth needed a lot of work. My diet wasn’t good and I am a registered dietician and so I needed to have a good diet. Dr. Sherberg set up a plan for me and I am almost done and I am really excited. The implants were so much better than going through crowns and root canals. There is no pain. I didn’t even need Ibuprofen or anything. I am just excited to have my teeth back and that’s the plain simple truth. I am so happy to have my teeth back and they look great and again they feel great.

Having my mouth restored has improved my diet. I feel better about myself. I smile a lot more and I am happy with my teeth and they feel great. I can understand why people have a fear. If you’ve been thinking about it or if you are wondering about it, all you have to do is come in and let Dr. Sherberg take a look at you. Dr. Sherberg is the best dentist I’ve ever been to and I feel very close with him and I am glad I am his patient.

- Will

My name is Sherry. I’ve been a patient at Bayway Dental since they opened. I had a great experience getting a dental implant. It was so easy and not painful at all. I can't even remember which tooth is the implant now.

Once the implant is placed in your mouth, there is no pain at all. I walked out of this office, went to lunch and it was wonderful. 

- Sherry

My name is Bob and I’ve been a patient with Bayway Dental since it opened. I’ve had a lot of dental work in my career and I’ve been to a number of dentists.

The staff is very attentive to the patient’s needs and then when you meet the dentist, he is very friendly and has a great chairside manner. He explains all the procedures he is going to do. He always checks to make sure you are comfortable.

Dr. Sherberg and his staff are very empathetic. They understand that patients don’t necessarily come in liking the dentist and his hope is to minimize any fears that they might have.

- Bob