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St. Petersburg Dental Technology

Our Technology and Amenities

Three-Dimensional (3D) Dentistry!

Dr. Sherberg was one of the first dental offices in the Tampa Bay region to use 3D ConeBeam CT digital imaging technology. The ConeBeam CT Scan provides more accurate images than traditional X-rays and allows for the creation of computerized surgical guides for dental implant placement.

Highly sophisticated software allows Dr. Sherberg to fabricate a customized surgical guide well in advance of surgery, so he knows exactly where the dental implants will be placed (to the millimeter) before you even arrive for your appointment. This planned approach to dental surgery has revolutionized the field of dentistry, allowing for the least invasive and most cost-effective method for dental implant patients.


Intra-Oral Scans

No more goopy trays in your mouth! With new 3D intraoral scanning technology, Dr. Sherberg has been able to eliminate the need for impression trays and putty material. Not only does this technology make your procedure much more comfortable, but it also increases the accuracy and fit of crowns, dentures, whitening trays, and more. It’s amazing technology — you’ve got to experience it to believe it!


Smile Prevu® Software

It can be difficult to take the plunge and move forward with improving your smile and oral health. You may wonder – “Will I like my new smile? How can I be sure that I will get what I want? Am I getting good value for my hard-earned money?”

To help answer these questions, we offer cutting-edge smile simulation software in our office. Find out what your new smile could look like in just a matter of minutes!

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Digital X-rays: No Waiting Time and Less Radiation

Traditional X-rays take time to develop and there is better technology available here at Bayway Dental. Our advanced digital technology results in 75% less radiation than the non-digital methods. Using a sensor that is placed in your mouth, our digital radiographs provide a quick panoramic view of your upper and lower jaws that Dr. Sherberg can view on a computer screen.


Intra-Oral Camera Helps You Make Decisions!

Dr. Sherberg will show you exactly what is going on inside your mouth with an intra-oral camera. If you have any questions on your diagnosis, feel free to ask and then you can see for yourself.


Heated Massage Chairs

Relax and enjoy your favorite TV show on Netflix during your procedure while you are seated in our heated massage chairs with a pillow and blanket!

Alternatively, enjoy your favorite music with our headphones. For those who prefer more relaxation, we offer sedation (IV and Oral) and nitrous oxide (laughing gas).

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