Here are a few examples of some actual patients that have entrusted Dr. Sherberg with their smiles. Full Smile Restorations are routine at Bayway Dental. As a One-Stop-Shop we are able to complete most, if not ALL PROCEDURES, at our office. Catering to those with complex dental needs is routine at Bayway Dental:

Frank – Multiple specialties lead to amazing smile makeover:

When Frank first visited Dr. Sherberg, he was concerned mostly with the health of his teeth. He was worried he might have to get dentures soon. Frank was thrilled he was able to save his teeth and get all the treatment he needed – crowns, veneers, root canals, implants, bone grafting – at one office with Dr. Sherberg as his doctor. Dr. Sherberg’s access to an exclusive high end lab ensured the perfect shading for Frank’s cosmetic concerns for a natural smile.  “Everything worked out really well,”  Frank exudes.

Meridith - Customized Treatment / Implant Supported Removable Dentures:

"Some of my implants are good, can you reuse them doc?"  Meridith had failing treatment and wanted to regain her natural-looking smile. Dr. Sherberg was able to work with her existing implants to create a customized (money-saving) solution for her to regain her beautiful smile and ability to chew with removable implant-supported dentures. She was ecstatic with how natural her smile looked!

Jane – Immediate Teeth/Dental Implants:

Prior to receiving Immediate Teeth, only Jane’s bottom teeth were visible in her smile line. As you can see, her few remaining upper teeth did not show when she smiled. Concerned about her ability to remove her partial denture in and out each night as she got older, Jane opted for Immediate Teeth. She not only regained her youthful smile, but her chewing improved so much that she can eat all her favorite foods again!

Pat – Natural Smile Makeover:

Pat thought her teeth looked small and hid behind her lips when she smiled. But she was concerned that fixing her teeth would result in a “fake looking smile”. Since she had bite problems and Dr. Sherberg did not want her porcelain to break and wear like her natural teeth did, he corrected the bite problems first. She has been extremely happy with her new bite that made her more comfortable with chewing, as well as the natural look of her new teeth. Her upper lip curvature improved as well, revealing more of her smile.

Sue – Immediate Teeth/Dental Implants:

“I’ve been taking care of others my entire life and it’s time to do something for myself”, said Sue. Putting everyone else first, Sue had neglected her smile over the years. Feeling uncomfortable with her smile, she decided it was time for a change. She was a perfect candidate for Immediate Teeth.   After only a couple appointments under sedation she was back to smiling (and chewing) again!

Gerry – Conservative and Cost-Effective Veneers:

Gerry came to Dr. Sherberg unhappy with the shape of his front teeth and the spaces between them. After discussing all of Gerry’s concerns and carefully analyzing his smile, Dr. Sherberg determined that he could give Gerry the smile he wanted by veneering his front four upper teeth. Veneers are among the most conservative treatments a dentist can provide. After only two appointments, Gerry got the smile he always wanted and has since referred other family members to the practice!

Eli – Full Smile Reconstruction, Dental Implants:

Eli had been avoiding the dentist for a while, he was missing many of his back teeth and his front teeth were grinding down as a result. It was a complex case that required crowning all of his remaining teeth and placing dental implants. Many dentists are trained to place the implants to replace the missing teeth, and others are trained to crown the remaining teeth, but few are trained to do both. Eli was thrilled with his new smile!

Kelly – One-Stop-Shop Dentistry:

Kelly’s teeth had deep cavities and infections. She also wanted to improve her smile cosmetically. There were a number of different options for her and after carefully discussing all of them with Dr. Sherberg, she decided the best plan for her goals and budget would be fixing the disease with crowns, fillings, root canals, and extractions.  All the work was done at Bayway Dental and she was thrilled with how easy and efficient the process was – not to mention her beautiful & healthy new smile!

Bill – Full Smile Makeover with Immediate Teeth and Crowns:

Bill assumed his only options were going to be dentures. He was about to lose all of his teeth and thought his fate was set. After multiple consultations with Dr. Sherberg, he learned that he can avoid dentures and still be able to chew with natural looking teeth that don’t come in and out! He opted for upper Immediate Teeth and crowns on his lower teeth. He was absolutely ecstatic with his treatment and the process!

Tim – Kor Whitening:

Tim had been to many other dentists trying desperately to improve his smile on a budget. He had been told that the only way to remove the stains on his teeth was to get crowns and veneers. This was not in his budget, but since we have many tools in our toolbox, Dr. Sherberg was able to remove the stains on his teeth using an elite whitening regimen that gave him an absolute knockout of a smile!

Tom – Dental Implants and Guided Surgery:

Tom had been missing a front tooth for years after it was lost in a basketball accident. He was wearing a flipper. It looked good for pictures but it was uncomfortable and he couldn’t chew well with it. Since his tooth had been missing for so many years, some of the bone where that tooth would have been had worn away.

Concerned about having enough bone, Dr. Sherberg took a CBCT (3D x-ray) that showed he just barely had enough bone for an implant. Thankfully the guided surgery protocol Dr. Sherberg employs on all implants allowed him to thread the needle and deliver a healthy implant with a beautiful tooth on top. Tom was thrilled with his smile!