No More Loose Dentures with Dental Implants!

How to fix broken teeth, missing teeth or loose dentures with Dental Implants

Are you struggling with

You have dentures but they are loose and make it difficult to chew?

You hate wearing your dentures.  They slide around, you can’t taste food like you use to, or you worry about your dentures falling out around other people.

You’ve lost a few teeth over time and it’s becoming difficult to chew?

You just want to be able to bite into a steak or eat corn on the cob again.

You’re embarrassed to smile?

Maybe it's the missing or broken teeth, maybe it's their color, or maybe it's their shape - but something gives you pause when the person behind the camera says "Cheese!"

Dental Implant Options

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Dental Implant Services:

Single Tooth Dental Implant

(dental implant surgery and restoration including tooth placement all done at one office)

Implant Supported
Removable Overdentures

Implant Supported Fixed Bridge

(Same Day Teeth, Immediate Teeth, Teeth in a Day, All-on-4)

It used to be quite costly (and time consuming) to replace all your teeth as it required replacing each individual tooth with a dental implant. Now, we have the ability to replace your teeth in as little as one day!

Maybe you’ve heard the terms “Teeth in a Day”, “Same Day Teeth”, or “Immediate Teeth” – these all refer to the placement of 4-6 dental implants attached to a fixed bridge of teeth.

This implant protocol - the “All on 4” procedure - is truly revolutionary in that it allows for an entire mouth of teeth to be replaced in as little as one surgery.


  • Chew again and order what you want off the menu! No more avoiding your favorite foods like juicy steaks, fresh bread, or corn on the cob.
  • No more denture glue.
  • No more plastic covering the roof your mouth.
  • Feel great about the way your smile looks in the mirror and in photos.
  • Stop worrying about what you look like when your teeth come out.

The “All on 4” dental implant protocol is a technically demanding surgery. Dr. Sherberg has advanced dental implant training as part of his comprehensive training across all dental specialties. Over the past 15 years he has gained extensive experience in the nuances of the surgical and restorative aspects of this procedure. Given his expertise across all specialties of dentistry, this is one of many “tools” in his toolbox to restore smiles. He has helped hundreds of people who hated their dentures find solutions that work for them.

The Bayway Guarantee: Guarantees are hard to come by and rarely found in medicine.
Dr. Sherberg is so confident you will love the look and feel of your new teeth that he guarantees it!
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Why choose a Dental Implant? Dr. Sherberg answers on The Wellness Hour

Zero Risk Consultation

What's Included:

  • Comprehensive Oral Exam
  • Any necessary X-rays
  • 3D CBCT Scan
  • Consultation or Second Opinion for Implant or Cosmetic Dentistry: A private consultation with Dr. Sherberg to learn all possible solutions to fix your smile including a comparison of time and cost
  • Smile Prevu®: Try on your new smile! See what your new smile could look like with our computer smile software Smile Prevu®
  • Still unsure? Ask us to release your x-rays to the dentist of your choosing. We support finding a dentist you feel most comfortable with.


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