Tooth Extractions

Dr. Sherberg’s personal goal at Bayway Dental is help you retain your natural teeth for as long as possible. He will explore every option in order avoid extracting a tooth, but recognizes that there will be times when an extraction is required to protect the integrity of your surrounding teeth (such as trauma and severe decay). Over crowding often keeps baby teeth in the mouth longer than they should be, or in some cases it can cause permanent teeth to shift when impacted teeth are present. At Bayway Dental, we offer gentle tooth extractions when it is determined that this is the best option. Dr. Sherberg and the entire staff at Bayway Dental provide the greatest care for tooth extractions, as well as other restorative dental treatments, and will help educate you on your options for tooth replacement.

If an extraction is necessary, Dr. Sherberg will ensure that you understand the process and offer you sedation dentistry so you can feel as comfortable as possible.

Damaged or Broken Tooth Removal

Permanent teeth were meant to last a lifetime, however, injury, trauma, or decay can cause a tooth to be beyond repair and need removal. Children are also prone to tooth injury from falls, bumps, and trauma during sports activities. There are certain times when the removal of a damaged or broken tooth is the most optimal solution. Bayway Dental provides the exceptional treatment you or your child needs for complete oral health. A damaged or broken tooth should never be ignored as it can become exceptionally painful and can compromise the health of surrounding teeth and the entire mouth. Please contact Bayway Dental for the most complete and compassionate dental care in St. Petersburg.