Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy is a dental procedure done to restore the health of a tooth that has been damaged or infected. Root canal therapy is an ideal restorative dentistry treatment for many patients because it allows them to keep their natural tooth in the mouth instead of having to deal with the severe complications of a tooth extraction. An infected tooth needs prompt attention and should never be put off. While root canals once had the bad reputation of being a dreaded dental procedure, Bayway Dental is proud to provide painless, one-visit root canal therapy to patients here in St. Petersburg.

Root canal therapy is done by removing the nerve and pulp from the center of a tooth. Once this removal has taken place, the inside of the tooth will be cleaned and treated for any infection. The tooth will finally be sealed to prevent future infection from occurring. This is a very common dental procedure, and it will immediately alleviate your painful symptoms. Remember, an infected tooth is painful – but a root canal is not! Root canal therapy is not something that you should put on hold or choose not to have done. If fear or anxiety is keeping you from having this needed procedure, please know that Bayway Dental is empathetic to patients’ feelings. We offer sedation dentistry for those whose anxieties stand in the way of receiving necessary dental treatment. Dr. David Sherberg, DMD, leads Bayway Dental as an experienced and compassionate dentist that provides the highest standard in care and comfort. Please contact our dental practice to schedule an appointment. With our one-visit root canal therapy, your tooth and comfort can be restored as soon as you come in.

One-Visit Root Canals

Root canals can help save a damaged tooth that may be cracked, broken, or decayed to the point where the inside of the tooth’s nerves and tissues are infected. A root canal procedure will remove the infected tissue and avoid having the infection spread to surrounding teeth.

Dr. Sherberg is highly successful with one-visit root canals, and his goal is to save your tooth from extraction. While root canals have a reputation for being painful, the reality is that the infection in your tooth is likely to cause you more pain than a root canal procedure.

Bayway Dental is proud to provide one-visit root canals for convenient and efficient relief from your tooth pain. Please contact our dental practice to learn more and to schedule an appointment.