Fixed Bridges

Bayway Dental provides fixed dental bridges as well as a full range of restorative dental services to the residents of St. Petersburg, FL. As a comprehensive dental practice, we provide exceptional dental care to patients of all ages, and we offer the highest level of service to those who need dental restorations. Fixed dental bridges are appliances that serve as a replacement for teeth that are missing in the mouth. A dental bridge literally “bridges the gap” between two or more teeth. Fixed dental bridges are an ideal solution for many people who are seeking a less invasive method of tooth replacement. Dental bridges span the gap between teeth on either side of the gap where the missing tooth, or teeth, is. Many times the outer teeth are fixed with dental crowns and the replacement tooth (or teeth) is placed in the middle to fill the empty space. Dr. David Sherberg leads Bayway Dental, and as the leading dentist he provides exceptional cosmetic and restorative services to help patients restore their smiles.

Cosmetic Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are popular cosmetic appliances that are used for the replacement of missing teeth in a person’s mouth. Dental bridges conceal the empty space that is left behind from a tooth that has been knocked out or extracted. This cosmetic option allows patients to improve the appearance of their smile while promoting the health of the entire mouth. When a tooth is missing, the supporting bone becomes compromised and will eventually begin to weaken. Neighboring teeth will be affected, and over time will begin to fall out. That is why cosmetic dental bridges are so important. Dental bridges help to prevent the deterioration of the jawbone that is caused by lack of support from natural teeth.

Cosmetic dental bridges provide a relatively simple restoration for missing teeth. Bayway Dental offers the highest quality cosmetic and restorative dental services for patients who need dental bridges placed in their mouth. Contact our dental practice in St. Petersburg today to schedule a consultation appointment.