Custom Athletic Mouthguards & Nightguards

Just as you would not send your son into a football game or your daughter into a soccer game without the appropriate gear, it is also highly important that you remember that an athletic mouthguard is as essential piece of equipment for those who participate in any athletic event. If you have taken the time to instill the proper oral health care habits of brushing and flossing daily, but you have not made sure that they have a custom athletic mouthguard, it is almost futile. Protecting the teeth is as important to oral health as regular oral hygiene and routine dental care services. Damage to the teeth or gums can have a lifelong effect on the health of the mouth. Mouthguards minimize the risk of broken teeth and injuries to the entire mouth and face. They are designed specifically to cushion a blow to the face or head region and protect the soft and hard tissues within the mouth. Bayway Dental is proud to offer custom athletic mouthguards to patients who play any type of contact sport.

Many patients come in to the dentist’s office for a regular visit and will casually mention that they frequently wake up with headaches. They tend to associate their headaches with a poor night’s sleep or stress. However, what they often do not know is that teeth grinding, medically referred to as Bruxism, is one of the most common causes of frequent morning headaches. Other symptoms of teeth grinding is dull pain in the ears, shoulders, or neck – most of which are often put off as a “creek in the neck”.

If you frequently wake up in the mornings with headaches or any other ache in the shoulder, neck, or head area, contact Bayway Dental today. Bayway Dental is proud to provide custom dental nightguards in order to treat the painful symptoms of nighttime grinding and to prevent long-term side effects that will damage the teeth. Bruxism puts a great deal of stress on the teeth from the pressure of clenching the jaw and the teeth scraping back and forth repeatedly during the night. Custom nightguards are an investment in the future health of your teeth and your entire body. Dr. David Sherberg at Bayway Dental can design a nightguard specifically for your mouth to provide the protection and comfort you need. Please contact us today to schedule an appointment.